Flame sensors in the heating system need to be replaced from time to time as they depreciate with usage and time. Homeowners must understand that even if the flame sensor is working properly, it is always good to replace them as a preventive measure.

A faulty flame sensor will prevent the furnace from lighting up and can even lead to the explosion of the unit. Homeowners must fix regular maintenance with the heat pump repair Tempe AZ to ensure that they are always in a safer and better environment. There are the following signs which homeowners must keep an eye on. 

Yellow Flames

One of the major signs that homeowners need to replace the flame sensor is when the burner produces yellow flames. Homeowners must inspect if the color of the furnace changes from blue to yellow. The Yellow flames indicate that carbon monoxide is not being vented out of the unit properly.

In this case, Homeowners must reach out to the heating replacement Mesa to get the flame sensor inspected and the gas burner cleaned. Candidates can also check the carbon monoxide detector to see if the level of CO has increased in the meantime.

The Rise in Energy Bills

If homeowners notice a sudden rise in their energy bills, the flame sensor needs to be replaced and changed. Dirty air filters can be a reason which makes the unit work harder, and the unit ends up consuming more energy than it should.  

It is advised to inspect from an expert heating repair near me and get the flame sensor replaced if required. You will be required to be aware of the types of flames and their sensors to understand where the fault is. 

Corroded Furnace Fuel Lines

One of the other signs of the faulty flame sensor is rusted fuel lines. The fuel lines carry carbon monoxide gas outside the home. And any leak can cause the fuel line to corrode and rust, which will trap the CO in it. 

The flame sensor will continuously shut the furnace operation to protect the unit from releasing the CO inside the residence. One must immediately contact the furnace repair Mesa to get it diagnosed. The technicians, with your due permission, will carry out the further procedure.

Old Unit

When the unit gets old and loses its efficiency with usage and time, the heater is run continuously during the winter, and extensive use can put the flame sensor at risk. A furnace that has been in operation for more than 15-20 years. 

Flame Sensor

The aged furnace can easily break down, and flame sensors keep breaking down as the unit works hard to produce warm air inside the residence. Homeowners must replace the unit to minimize the chance of breaking it down in the middle of a winter night. 

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