San Tan Valley Ductless AC Installation

San Tan Valley Ductless AC Installation

Ductless air conditioners offer a simple, quieter, and compact way to provide cooling to your home compared to traditional air conditioners. These are powerful and require no extra alterations to your home layout- no ducts or add-ons are needed.

With their sleek design, lesser space is needed, and you are free to install the unit at any place of your choice. This article will clarify some facts about getting ductless AC and easy ductless AC replacement Queen Creek.

Ductless AC has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. If you are approaching summer, you should consider AC installation in Queen Creek. Let go of your conventional HVAC system and embrace this new modern technology to be comfortable in your home.

Top six benefits of a ductless mini-split AC.


  • Energy-efficient

The first thing that comes into our minds while thinking of a mini-split AC is that this system is energy efficient. Mini-split AC comes with a minimum SEER rating of 15, which is peace of mind for us. In addition, there is less energy loss since the mini split does not have ductwork. This is a valid and good reason for you to opt for ductless AC replacement Queen Creek.

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  • Optimal air quality

When we install an AC system at home, the most important thing remains in our mind – the air quality. With a ductless mini-split unit Queen Creek, you can rest assured that only improved air will circulate in your rooms. In addition, these split-AC systems are productive in pulling out pollens, dirt, contaminants, allergens, etc., making your home more habitable.

  • Tailor-made zone cooling

A fascinating feature of a mini-split system is its impeccable zone cooling capability. You do not want to turn on your HVAC system to cool your entire when you spend most of the time in a specific corner. Instead, opt for AC installation in Queen Creek, this summer and save energy costs by not cooling the room you don’t use.

  • Integrated heating and cooling system

Many ductless mini-split units Queen Creek come with combined cooling and heating system. It means a heat pump comes with the system. As a result, you will get a pleasant warm atmosphere in the winter season. All these are available in a single unit, and you don’t have to shell out any extra penny.

  • Impeccable design

When you choose AC installation in Queen Creek, rest assured this AC type comes with a versatile design to cater to your needs. There are various designs you can accommodate a mini-split AC in:

  • A garage where the central HVAC system might not reach.
  • Your basement.
  • The antique house.
  • The guesthouses, etc.
  • Hassle-free installation

Mini-split AC comes with two units – an indoor and an outdoor unit. Such AC doesn’t require heavy wiring or any ductwork. As a result, the labor time and cost also will be relatively lower than any other AC installation. You only need to select the room, and proficient technicians will install the ductless mini-split AC unit Queen Creek.

1.) Why Go With Ductless AC?

Many homes do not have the ductwork required for central air conditioning systems. The installation of ductwork is an expensive and time-consuming project. However, ductless ACs are quick and easy to install.

2.) Benefits of Ductless AC

Read below to know the advantages of installing a ductless air conditioner in your home,

Fast Installation

Installing a traditional air conditioning system that involves ductwork is a complex and timely process. On the other hand, installing a ductless AC is faster and easier, which means that cooling won’t be gone from you for long.

High Energy Efficiency

Ductless ACs are more energy-efficient due to:

  • You can control the cooling in your home, i.e., turn off the units in rooms that are not in use. It will lower your energy usage and bills.
  • Leaks can sometimes develop in the ductwork, which can reduce the efficiency of your system. But with a ductless AC, you do not have to worry about this problem.

Saves Space

A ductless air conditioner’s tiny size is one of its best features. A central HVAC system is complex and bulky. It requires a lot of space in the basement or attic and massive ductwork.

Minor Maintenance

For maintaining your ductless AC, you will need to do a few simple things such as:

  • Cleaning the filters.
  • Keep the wall unit clear.
  • Clearing around the outdoor unit for maintaining airflow.

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, you will not have to worry about cleaning the ducts and sealing the leaks.

Personalized Comfort

You can customize your household comfort with a ductless air conditioning system. If your family members argue over the temperature in your home, a ductless AC will end this battle. It allows for zoned temperature control as you have units in different areas of your home.

3.) Installation Process

A professional will first visit your home and give you a free estimate. He will consider various factors like your home’s size, energy usage, and other comfort preferences if you have any. After this, the installation process will begin.

Ductless ACs include two units that work together for cooling as one. Both the units will be connected with wires and cables through a 3 inches hole that allows the refrigerant line to pass and connect the heat exchanger with the condenser for proper functioning.


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