Air Conditioning Services in Mesa, AZ

Air Conditioning Services in Mesa, AZ

Air Conditioning Services in Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, AZ, and Surrounding Areas

Are you unsure if your air conditioner needs to be serviced? To maintain the system functioning at its best, you need to have air conditioner maintenance performed at least once a year. And to make your work easy, you should opt for AC replacement Tempe.

Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Professional Services

Warm Air

Check the thermostat if you feel warm air flowing out of your air conditioner. Make sure that it is set to the cooling mode, and then adjust it to have a temperature lower than the present temperature in your home. If you turn on your air conditioner and find it still emitting warm air, contact our AC contractor in Tempe for help.

Insufficient Airflow

Poor airflow is a typical indication that your air conditioner isn’t operating well or that there is a clog in the ductwork in your house. A faulty motor, clogged air filters, or even worse, might be a cause. It is recommended to get your AC serviced in this situation.

Odd Noises

If you hear grinding, screaming, or scraping noise while the AC is running, there can be an issue of a belt sliding out of position inside the appliance. To avoid costly damage to other components, contact our ac installation Mesa immediately and get your AC serviced.


One of the purposes of an air conditioner is to lower indoor humidity. Even in areas with low relative humidity, the air maintains a small amount of moisture. While the air conditioner is operating, the AC may need to be repaired if you start to feel any humidity within your home. 

Water Leakage

Condensation might form because your air conditioner utilizes refrigerant to cool your home. However, you shouldn’t have any standing water or leaks in your house.

There should be no pools of water or active leaks around your air conditioner if it is functioning properly. You should seek air conditioning repair Tempe if this is the case.


Has your air conditioner experienced any of the above problems? If so, don’t wait any longer to schedule an appointment for your AC. Go for AC repair in Mesa with the best professionals from TLC Refrigeration and Conditioning. Call us at (480) 969-3651 today for more information about our services and how we can assist you with your problems.

Air Conditioning Services include:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Replacement
  • AC Service
  • AC Installation
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Tune-Up

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